Three Secrets to Starting Affiliate Marketing the Right Way.

By | April 19, 2016

With the introduction of the internet, a wealth of information is at your fingertips. In just a few clicks you have the potential to access millions of items on nearly any niche imaginable. It has been estimated that the internet is growing by over a million pages every day, as more countries become connected with the internet. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that with that many pages, that at least one person wants to look at pages similar to those, with the opportunity to cash in on any number of niches is now more accessible that ever!

Making money from the insane amount of niches available, is not restricted to businessmen with thousands in start up capital, even someone willing to spend an hour a day can earn just as much through the internet, you don’t even need a product or service to sell right away. This is done through the power of affiliate marketing, you almost definitely have heard of this phrase before. However, if you have been living under a rock for the past 15 years. Affiliate marketing is where a product or service creator will pay you a share of his profits whenever you recommend someone to buy their product or service. Usually the products or services are not physical products but are digital so the overheads on the creators side is very minimal, allowing you as the promoter to get 50% commissions on big ticket items.

Its a win-win for both the creator and the promoter. The creator will have his product or service promoted to a much larger market than if he tried to do it alone, which massively increases his earning potential, it also saves his own time so he can focus on the product and any support that it requires. The promoter will gain commissions on each sale they recommends, however, they only have to focus on marketing the product to as many people as they can, all product support, up sells, and content creation is handled by the creator, as they each only have to focus on their individual half. they can be much more efficient in generating as much profit as possible, during the launch stage.

If your goal is to become a dominant affiliate marketer, which I feel is still a very attainable goal in this saturated market, you will need to follow these three ways to start an affiliate marketing program.

  • Firstly you need to identify a niche you are passionate about so when writing content or answering questions you come off interested and engaged. Add personal touches to your site in its layout and how you write your content, this will give your visitors who are possible buyers an impression that you are an expert in your field. If you do this you will gain their trust and over time they will be happy to buy products are an affiliate for.
  • Secondly, when picking a product to be an affiliate for, it is always best to sell something you use and you know how it works, then you will look like an authority figure, and you wont accidentally pick an awful product that looks good on the outside, damaging your reputation with your fan base. If you do not have any products that you have bought, then always try and find out what other affiliates say about the product. Do not just focus on the level of commissions or how good their conversion rate is. if after a 2 months, the product is worthless, you have not only wasted your fans money by telling them to buy something bad, they will be less likely to buy from you in future. If an affiliate offer seems to good to be true, then it very well may be!
  • So you have found a┬ániche you are passionate about, and you have selected a product that you believe in that you have potentially used or currently do use. You need to create a website that is engaging but not to much as to overwhelm your readers, having a catchy domain name is helpful but it isn’t make or break, the most important factor is that you are uploading content consistently, not just any old content, give value back to your customers, it makes no difference what niche you are targeting. As much as i dislike using cliches, content is and always will be king.

What a lot of new entrepreneurs fail to realize is that success as an affiliate marketer is not something that happens over night. A lot of the top ‘gurus’ in the industry have been doing this since the internet became what it is now. If you can look past the shiny object syndrome which affects far too many marketers (myself included for a very long time) and knuckle down and make content that is engaging, it is hard not to make some money, you almost certainly wont make a million in a month, but you are very likely to make a million in a year or two!

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